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Cut to Kris sitting under a tree, doing homework, when she is bombarded by the bullies.

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Karina has long reddish brown hair and piercing green eyes.

She has no piercings and has a tattoo on her wrist.

Watch those boobies bounce hard and enjoy that dripping cum at the end! Kristen Scott - The Nerds Revenge Teen Gets Revenge on Bullies by Making Them DP and Creampie Her SCENE opens on Kris, a shy 18-year-old girl, as her car slowly creeps to a stop in a corner of her school's parking lot.

A box of homemade cookies sits wrapped up on the passenger seat beside her.

She picks up a cookie and starts to cry before slowly becoming expressionless and turning to stare at the door. Kris stares down at a bowl of cereal, as her mother walks past and urges her to eat. When her teacher pokes her head into the changing room and urges the girl to come to practice, Kris tells her she isn't feeling well and asks to skip the class.

Not looking up, Kris tells her that she doesn't want to go to school today. Sounding irritated, her mother reminds her that she is 18-years-old and a big girl. The teacher tells her OK but this is the final time this semester that she'll be allowed to sit out.

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