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I have tried everything from gyms,trainers, bootcamp and nothing got me...Read the full review January 07, 2013 I am a Cyclehouse lover, so CH don't hate me but I had to try the new kid on the block... I have tried a few instructors there, but damn, Pixie is just the ULTIMATE. Read the full review January 04, 2013 As an avid NY SCer, and having read some amazing reviews of Pixie's visit to NYC, I had high expectations for Pixie's ride.

Betty Designs x Pixie hat will be available August 22, 2017 at Bx P | Windy hearts, windy minds, windy souls! This week has been one of the most incredible weeks of my life.

Having the best time chasing the surf with this one. Never have I ever been so proud, so grateful, so honored that these 14 people trusted me. | The humans in your inner sanctum should be strong, supportive, authentic, and consistent.

Stays tight and holds the ladies in while you paddle or down-dog!

Collection will be available August 22, 2017 at Bx P! I teamed up with the ever inspiring bad ass designer, triathlete, surfing bombshell Kristin Mayer of Betty Designs!! Mad love and respect to @bettydesigns and @guyokazakisurfboards.

So I cruised over to the Soul Cycle website to sign up for his AM class and SHOCKHORROR... Read the full review March 06, 2013 Let me start off by saying I am completely in love with Pixie. I take her class almost everyday at this point I love her as much as I love my family. Read the full review March 03, 2013 I think I have a crush on this girl (don’t tell my boyfriend).

Read the full review May 11, 2013 I had never taken a class with Pixie but really had high hopes for this instructor and class based on the reviews on this site. Now that I let that confession out let me just say loud and proud, Pixie is incredible! Read the full review February 08, 2013 Pixie has an amazing gift to inspire and support you to have the best workout you can possible have.

Sandy Rande the sunscreen queen knows how to live freeeee; something my type A personality needs to practice more of! Took time away from their busy lives, their husbands, pets, families, careers, and CHILDREN! The energies you keep closest to you are the energies you will move through life with.

They trusted me with their most precious asset; their TIME. Make sure the pillars of your life are stable and grounded enough to hold you in the gnarliest of storms.

Remember, every time your feets are in the sand, take a second to look around and get that trash.

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