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One thing puzzled me a bit: Joseph "met" Christie in an online game forum on one of his employees's computer and chatted with her a second time using said employee's handle...

The next part of the story is where they meet again...again, awkward because it has to do with her job.

The fella has been thinking of her; she of him and their chemistry cannot be denied. This has all of the makings of a fun read- and yes, there are sexy times..a usually shy gal coming out of her shell romantically and emotionally. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways This was a really nice surprise.

So I was quite dismayed to find the MC picturing the hero in "leopard-printthong, baby oil, and…and a smile", fortunately I soon realised that it was only a joke.

Anyhow, I did not expect to like Christie and Joseph as much.

She's also has bouts of self-doubt caused by her inconsiderate awful family, especially her mother, but it never got all woe-is-me and I loved that about her. He has ADHD issues but doesn't let that impede him in his going after what he wants, whether in business or pursuing his attraction to Christie.

Both main characters had their flaws, they certainly weren't perfect and ironically that's what made them perfect in my eyes, because I adore flawed characters especialwhen they are well-written, show their vulnerability and I can relate to them in many ways.

The reasons they met online and were so adventurous are still there and they grow into a friendship/Fbuddies of sorts. It was free or maybe .99 cents, but was worth way more.

The H and h were really fleshed out and I understood both of them. The H was very casual sexually with women in the past- and did have one night stands too.

Overall, I really liked it and can't wait for more in this series.

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