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When an instructor knows in advance that he or she will miss a class, arrangements must be made to have the work of the class continue, either by arranging for a substitute instructor, by scheduling an examination for that day, or by providing some alternate work assignment for the students.

Instructors must specify in writing, as part of the syllabus, the specific grading policies for the class.

If graded materials become the property of the student, then uncollected materials must be kept for one semester.

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Grading is the prerogative and responsibility of the instructor.

Instructors are responsible for the assignment of the final course grade.

Instructors are encouraged to provide collaborative learning opportunities but must state, in writing or by electronic means, the limits of assistance permitted between and among students in a course assignment or academic evaluation. Instruction Responsibilities Unless otherwise stated, students are expected to be prompt and regular in attending classes, turning in assignments on time and in taking exams when scheduled.

Instructors may establish additional rules for attendance and make-up exams and must articulate these clearly in writing.

Instructors are required to make time available for student conferences preferably through regularly scheduled office hours.

Office hours should be convenient to both students and the instructor with the opportunity provided for prearranged appointments.

Instructors must be prompt in meeting their scheduled classes, be available for appointments with students at designated times, be well prepared for classes, and be fair and prompt in grading class assignments and tests.

The scheduled final examination period must be used for final examinations in the class or other instruction.

In case of illness or emergency, the department should be notified and arrangements should be made to have another staff member instruct the class or promptly notify students of cancellation.

Classes may not be canceled for the convenience of the instructor.

The assigned grade must reflect the performance of the student in the course commensurate with the content and objectives of the course.

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