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The Hardy brothers eventually caught the eyes of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

After being signed to a contract in 1998, they were trained by Dory Funk Jr.

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After the dissolution of the Brood, the Hardys joined forces with Gangrel as The New Brood and feuded with Edge and Christian.

This stable did not last long, however, and on October 17, 1999 at No Mercy, the Hardy Boyz won the managerial services of Terri Runnels in the finals of the Terri Invitational Tournament in the WWF's first ever tag team ladder match against Edge and Christian.

In OMEGA, each of the brothers portrayed several different characters; Hardy portrayed such characters as Willow the Wisp, Iceman, Mean Jimmy Jack Tomkins, and The Masked Mountain.

While there, Hardy held the New Frontier Championship as a singles competitor and the Tag Team Championship with Matt.

Their mother died of brain cancer in 1986, when Hardy was nine.

He developed an interest in motocross aged 12 and got his first bike, a Yamaha YZ-80, at age 13. Hardy played baseball as a child, but had to stop after he crashed during a motocross race, injuring his arm.

After being signed by WWE, the brothers worked as jobbers, before gaining notoriety in the tag team division, partly due to their participation in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches.

With the addition of Lita, the team became known as Team Xtreme and continued to rise in popularity.

As a tag team wrestler, Hardy is an ten-time world tag team champion (six World Tag Team Championships, one WCW Tag Team Championship, two TNA World Tag Team Championships and one ROH World Tag Team Championship) – all with his brother Matt.

On the independent circuit, Jeff is two-time OMEGA Tag Team Champions and one-time The Crash Tag Team Champions with Matt.

Before arriving in the WWF, Matt formed his own wrestling promotion, the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA) with Thomas Simpson.


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