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Carol's boyfriend Sandy (Matthew Perry) drives drunk and gets into an accident.Note: This episode ended with a message that told viewers how many alcohol-related accidents that caused injury or death in the United States occurred while the episode ran.

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Note: This is Brad Pitt's second appearance in the series.

He previously guest-starred as Carol's love-interest Jeff in the season-three episode "Who's Zoomin' Who".

The Malones are having financial trouble and will not accept money from anyone, including their son-in-law.

Overwhelmed by the holiday spirit, Ben brings home a homeless teen (Hallie Todd).

While Maggie stays with Mike, Carol goes to Atlantic City with Jason so that the tickets will not go to waste.

Mike is blackmailed by a girl who helped change his grade on an English test so he would be allowed to go on a ski trip.

With Maggie's increased workload, Jason takes on more responsibilities at home and gives Carol boy-trouble advice.

Maggie is uptight with Jason for being more involved with the kids...after she urged Jason to do just that.

Carol organizes a raffle of Ben's old bike, but the plan is derailed when some bullies threaten anyone from buying tickets to assure themselves of the prize, and Ben and Carol get chastized by their parents, who must decide how to proceed.

When the girl he likes is chosen as leading lady in the high school play, Mike auditions for leading man and wins the part.

After Maggie insists that Mike be grounded for lying, she is caught in a lie herself and Jason suggests that she should ground herself to teach Mike a lesson.


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