Piltdown hoax dating technique

In Biblical years 173,880 days- The Babylonian calendar was predicated on a 360 day year.

Secular history provides a concrete record of the day in 445 B. (Archives of Persian kings - Encyclopedia Britannica) when Artaxerxes gave the commandment to Nehemiah to rebuild Jerusalem, it gave the starting point for Daniel's countdown to Palm Sunday!

How about the nation Israel" born again" in one day in 1948 as per Isaiah 66 is one that seemed COMPLETELY impossible.

(Matthew 24) Another fine example can be found in the book of Daniel (Ch.-27).

In the early 20th century experts in the field of archaeology insisted that no civilization even existed in UR of the Chaldeans when the Bible records that Abraham lived there.

On the basis that no evidence was currently available they declared Abraham a mythical character.

In the case of the Ivory pomegranate, the isotopic composition of the patina could not serve as a measure to either contradict or verify the authenticity of the patina coating the item; other microscopic and geochemical methods were shown to be more useful in determining its authenticity.

An Exhibit of 21st Century Art of the Bible; Biblical Illustrations: Realistic illustrations featuring Judeo-Christian historical and religious themes inspired by the 19th Century Realistic Paintings of the Classic Illustrators in a wide variety of mixed media along with introductions to all the various illustrations and essays...The isotopic composition of the patina coating the inscription of the James Ossuary, the Jehoash inscription and the ostraca, differs from all other measured natural patinas, indicating that their patina could not form under the natural conditions that prevailed in Israel during the last 3000 years.Thus, it is suggested that the patina was artificially prepared and it clearly calls into question the antiquity of the inscriptions engraved on these items.These items are most likely authentic archaeological artifacts, whereas the authenticity of the inscriptions found on them, making them unique and historically extremely significant, is controversial.The analytical methods reviewed here to test authenticity are based on combination of surface examinations, optical mineralogy, geochemistry and stable isotope oxygen (C) analyses.One excellent example is in what the Bible says about Abraham.

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