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I am mostly Mestizo native described below courtesy of My Heritage.The largest population of Central America, spanning from Mexico to Colombia and Venezuela, is of Mestizo descent – a mixture of Spanish, Native American, and African ancestry.The charming but sinister smile made its name in 1978 when the producers of a dating TV-show called The Dating Game picked Alcala as a contestant.

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I have only inherited Celtic DNA (Irish/Scottish/Wales) but I know I have English ancestors. The little bit of Baltic makes sense being so close to Scandinavia but the Balkan DNA is curious – the Balkans stretch from Turkey to Greece incorporating the former Yugoslavia. Time has passed and DNA analysis has evolved with more information on the databases.

I believe that my previous Western European DNA should really have been Iberian and that some of my Irish DNA should have been Scandinavian because my family came from a Viking area in Ireland.

PS In case you wonder about the location, my hairdresser took the photos this morning.

For some, even hearing his name sends chills down the spine.

As we were chatting, he mentioned that he had asked one of our great aunts from the Ortega side if we were Mexican. I mentioned my recent DNA results to my cousin and he hung up on me!!! Sadly for him, I just look like the Viking Irish – fair, blue eyes and a distinctive short nose.

He really did and I doubt he will ever speak to me again. Did you know that Scandinavians still call outlanders, “long noses”?

A few days later, I had yet another exciting reveal and the results are below – Irish/Scottish/Welsh 53.9 % Scandinavian 9.1% Iberian 26.8 % Greek 1.2% Italian 0.9% Balkan 1.1 % Baltic 1 % Central American 4.4% North American 0.8 % Chinese/Vietnamese 0.8% Now we are talking – 25 % Iberian – yay!

Even more exciting, they can now differentiate between North and Central Native American.

Ancient Central American civilizations produced many important innovations, including pyramid construction, complex mathematical and astronomical observations, early forms of medical surgery, accurate calendar systems, and complex agricultural methods.


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