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Tesla 2014 Model S Tesla 2014 Model S has been praised both for its luxury feel and high-tech interior.

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Part of a monthly or annual subscription feature, the facial recognition service also lets you save video clips in the cloud (which is key in case someone makes off with your camera). Blind spots, dark corners, and out-of-sight areas — every old house has them, and some new houses do too.

And you can set the camera to stop recording when it recognizes specific faces, like yours, because there’s no need for this setting to be active when your watchful eyes are already in the room. Putting a webcam in those troublesome places will give you the ability to look in those creepy crannies without actually having to go there.

Of course, the challenge is wiring, but Arlo by Netgear, starting at $199.99, will be your hero by operating anywhere your Wi-Fi reaches.

Powered by four lithium-ion camera batteries that last up to six months, the web connected camera has night vision, is designed for outdoor use including in rain and snow, and provides motion alerts.

This digital age we’ve found ourselves in is sure a complex one.

On one hand, people are increasingly anxious about their online privacy, to the point where all of Europe is blocking Facebook’s new facial recognition photo app.

2014, Nest Labs wants to turn your home into a smart device.

The home automation system includes Internet-connected smoke detectors and thermostats, which have screens and chic, round designs — a huge design boost for devices that haven't really changed in recent decades.

That was before Apple quieted them with the release of the i Phone 6 Plus in September, the company’s largest i Phone ever.

With an alluring 5.5-inch display that makes it feel something like a portable i Pad, the phone is is a challenge to Samsung’s larger models.

A new ground-facing camera also allows Inspire 1 to fly steadily to keep the video footage clean.


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  2. In 1975 she appeared as the Amazon Doctor in the pilot for The New Adventures of Wonder Woman.

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