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Vaseline was patented in 1872 (patent #127,568) by Robert Augustus Chesebrough, doing business as Chesebrough Manufacturing Company, based in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

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'It is ludicrous to make beekeepers legally accountable.

The likely outcome is that all honey will have to be labelled as GM to avoid this or to seek some sort of tolerance level.

The idea that pollen is an ingredient of honey is nonsense. He sued the state of Bavaria, which owned trial GM maize plots near his hives, for damaging his produce.

When they are storing it away pollen gets into the nectar and hence into the honey.’The ruling came after a German amateur beekeeper found small amounts of GM pollen in his honey.

These jars carry the familiar embossing "Mason's Patent Nov. This date refers to the original patent date, not the actual date of manufacture.

Jars carrying this embossing, often with other monograms, numbers, letters, etc., were widely produced until about 1920. The identities of many actual manufacturers are unknown.

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This marking is just one of a variety of embossing variations found on the face of earlier Vaseline (petroleum jelly) jars made of glass.

The familiar term Mason Jar came after its inventor, Mr. Mason, who, at age 26, was a tinsmith in New York City.


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