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They had met Darius during their initial visit to the apartment complex a month previous, and Amanda always felt an electricity when he was around.

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Brent's bald spot seemed to be growing at a rapid pace, and the late hours he spent on his computer didn't help with his complexion or energy levels. " He wiped the excess Gatorade from the chin as the words escaped his mouth.

Amanda unknowingly sighed, remembering how youthful and full of vigor her husband was when they had met at university. Amanda smiled, shaking the silly negativity from mind, "Nothing my love.

His physique was rather ordinary as well, as her husband wasn't one for the gym, or even recreational sports for that matter.

He had recently turned twenty-seven, and Amanda couldn't help but notice that her husband was starting to show some early signs of aging.

Amanda looked up, feeling those butterflies in her stomach once again.

His six-foot-four, two-hundred and thirty pound muscle-bound frame moved through the entrance. She looked up and couldn't help but notice his large muscles rippling across his dark complexion.Even more importantly than their well standing finances, Amanda and her husband also connected excellently on a mental level.They were both reserved, and shared interests in science, technology, and fiction.I'm just tired." It wasn't all bad, she reminded herself.Brent was now a successful software developer, with relative financial freedom.Brent was maybe five inches long, on a good day, and didn't have much in the way of girth, either.

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