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The first three days after the wreck were extremely painful. Another lady who told her story on this site had the same thing happen. Every time I tried to get up, my collarbone moved in ways that it definitely should not have moved. Did I mention that the only clothes I had on were my boxers, figure of 8 brace and sling? As for supplements, I started taking 2500 mgs of Calcium citrate and a multivitamin everyday.

I had a bad bruise on my shoulder that ran down my bicep. Calcium Citrate is supposed to help acidify the urine somewhat to help prevent kidney stones from such a high intake of Calcium. My brother is an x-ray, CT, and MRI tech, so I had a few x-rays taken. Of course, calcification doesn’t show up for a few weeks. Oh yeah, it is unbelievable how much crap is on TV. My shoulder and bicep are still several funky shades of yellow and green.

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After 7 full Ironman triathlons, I would have to say that I’m more in tune with my body than a doctor looking at pictures.

So, I started searching for a new doctor and my former motocross buddies pointed me to a surgeon in Texas (Dr. I did a LOT of homework on this guy before making a decision to have surgery.

Still no improvement on the x-ray that I could see. Especially after reading some of the horror stories people had about collarbones not healing even after 7-8 weeks.

Now I’m paranoid and keep my arm and shoulder completely immobilized.

Later, a friend/doctor looked at the x-ray and pointed out that the bones are not as rough as in the first x-ray and the ends have smoothed out somewhat (signs of healing). I have to give this guy a big “Thank you.” He helped get my full range of motion back in less than two weeks. I still have some tenderness in my shoulder and AC joint. Of course, I do have some pain and tightness in my shoulder and back.

Guess I should have left reading x-rays to the professionals. My shoulder was still hurting pretty bad from where I was slammed into the pavement at 30 mph. All the bruising has disappeared and I have almost full range of motion in my shoulder. Silver to get more flexibility and better movement.

As you can see from the x-ray (week 1), it was distal third “fracture”.

At the hospital, they cleaned my road rash (plenty of it), put me in a figure of 8 brace, arm sling, and gave me a prescription for some wimpy Lortabs.

After several doses of supplements, quality mass builders, and prohormones that are now banned by the FDA, I have regained every bit of strength plus a lot more.


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