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We’ve rounded up a list of the most popular brothels in the state; including details of where to find them, what services they offer, and what type of ladies work there.

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Claims to be a discrete and friendly environment for customers and ladies alike. Phone: 775-753-6972 Desert Rose Club claims to be Northern Nevada’s ‘afterparty’ and is situated in downtown Elko, Nevada. This venue offers a Vegas-style lounge atmosphere with spacious VIP rooms, a Jacuzzi tub (to start the night well), and a well-stocked bar.

Their ladies are recruited from all around the world, so expect an international lineup if you’re coming here looking for a sexy Phone: 775-777-7469 Rebooted version of the historically popular Mona’s Ranch.

In the writing of this blog and reading its comments I have found out about interracial couples I had no idea of, like Billy Bob Thornton and Cynda Williams, but I will not count those (they are listed later in the post).

Here is my list: So, out of 21 couples 10 have a black man and 11 have a black woman, which means interracial couples with black men are not any better known (assuming, of course, that they are equal in number, which is certainly not the case in America as a whole).

Phone: 775-635-2764 The Calico Club is situated in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

This brothel operates every day, 365 days a year, and 24 hours a day.It is a hybrid bordello and strip club where you can enjoy a couple of drinks before taking things further with a lady of your choice.Calico has previously claimed the title of ‘Best Little Cat House in Nevada’. Phone: 775-754-6427 Adult entertainment club with the aforementioned brothel and bar in Carlin, NV.They have a comprehensive menu providing everything from cocktail company, to full body massage, to girlfriend experiences, to pornstar experiences.Phone: 702-331-6969 No website, check out their Facebook page.Also available: two girl parties, couple parties and Phone: 775-623-4444 Based in Winnemucca Nevada, the famous Pussy Cat Ranch is said to be the oldest active brothel in America; dating all the way back to the 1800s.


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