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So, basically (and it was much nicer put than this), how would I feel about "friends with benefits"?

I’m a Good Morning America girl (sorry Matt Lauer) and I often enjoy their non-newsy pieces.

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I found this one browsing their site recently…kind of interesting!

“Dating coach and relationship expert” April Beyer shares her thoughts about 30-somethings dating.

Having been a serial monogamist and finding my best friend/roommate also gainfully single, I approached that summer with the goal of finding Mr. Not the man of my dreams, not the person I would spend the rest of my life with. A few weeks later, my friend began seeing a good looking guy who happened to have a very single doctor friend coming to town, and I was asked to double date with them.

It was a very fun date, with a lot of alcohol, and I came thisclose to sleeping with him…only holding out because we were on the couch in a studio apartment and “public sex” was just not happening.

” The Texan Doctor was leaving the next day to go home, so it was no strings attached.

Why not make the most of it, why couldn’t I have a one night stand?!

Although I know a lot of successful women, some of whom admit that they were solely focused on work and career-building in their 20’s, Happy Monday!

I hope you all survived Hurricane Irene – my hopes that it would lead to the cancellation of work today did not come true.

Some bizarre storm whipped through Texas the next day (no doubt the manifestation of God’s wrath at my lack of self control), canceling every flight into the area for 36 hours. At first, it was a series of bonus fun, but as it meant that the Doctor missed the start of his next rotation, it meant he’d ended up with an extra week off, so he decided to stay.

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