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We help an audience member who's new boyfriend has a hot 19-year-old son.

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Or maybe the realization that the Prophecy Professor Dumbledore had shown him required him to shoulder a mans load Nay, not a mans load, but a load beyond any other mans.

That felt more like it to Harry: he could no longer indulge boyishness whether he liked it or not, he had to step into an adult role.

He was just thrilled to think that he wouldnt be at war with what family he had and lived with for this summer.

On the way home, the Dursleys stopped at a seafood restaurant.

We see now were never going to get you out of that world - away from m-m- you know.

The point was that for the next couple of months, they were all in this together.These ought not to have been burdensome requests, but the Dursleys had long had in mind to squash the magic out of Harry by oppressing him, an effort which had been a spectacular failure.Still, no one likes to be threatened, even to do something which ought to be easy.Purveyor of fanfic recs for all your Wolfstar needs.95% Harry Potter blog, plus a little bit of me :) SEMI-HIATUS FOR SCHOOL UNTIL JANUARY.We also know you need to live with us during the summer because ...

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