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Contrast Master works with 8bit and 16bit RGB images.– Contrast Master was localized to German language.

The four global methods (S/H-Contrast, Stretch, Equalize and Polarize) work on the tonal range of the image and help to improve the result even further.

There is also an option for changing the brightness of the image.

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The masking options let you conveniently remove the Contrast Master effect from an image area where you do not want to have it applied, e.g. This can be done with the help of shadow/highlight and color masking options.

Additionally, a saturation mask feature lets you improve saturation without oversaturating the image.

id=283 Contrast Master is a plugin for effective contrast enhancement as well as creating dramatic contrast looks, photorealistic paintings and HDR-like effects.

Abledating Nulled Able Dating is the most advanced version of matchmaking software to date. With new features, higher levels security, and a completely new modular structure, Able Dating offers the most powerful tool in dating abledating script nulled software.

For underexposed 16 bit images it even produced a totally black result.– Bug Fix: The Speedup check box produced a crash for small panoramic images.– Bug Fix: The Equalize slider produced black areas for images larger than 8 Megapixel.– Bug Fix: Sometimes low values of the Stretch slider produced a too dark result after pressing OK.– Bug Fix: The hand icon and histogram now use the correct background color.– The Plugin Installer was updated and supports four new compatible applications (Photo Filtre Studio, Zoner Photo Studio, Photo Perfect and Helicon Filter).


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