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Unlike Barnes' story, where signs of abuse were present during the relationship, the story of Kelsey Annese, or at least what is known of it, was seemingly different.

But what they described as "one terrible act that no one saw coming" resulted in three lives lost on a January day in 2016.

Dana Cohan, Allison Mc Kenna and Lea Sobieraski were teammates, friends and co-captains of the Geneseo women's basketball team with Annese. Neither was home the night she was murdered."When you think of an unhealthy relationship, you think of situations where if the two aren't always together, then one person gets mad, but they weren't like that," said Cohan. They'd do homework or make dinner, but if you didn't know her you might not even realize that she had a boyfriend."Like Annese, Cohan grew up in Rochester.

The assailant was identified as Colin Kingston, 24, of Geneseo.

Mc Kenna said that while she didn't really know Kingston, she would always see him in the stands at basketball games."I always thought that it was really nice of him to be there," she said.

Mc Kenna, Cohan and Sobieraski all said that prior to the tragedy, they had only limited conversations about dating violence throughout their schooling, if any at all."I honestly can’t tell you a time we spoke about dating violence before this happened.

We might have just talked about it in high school, but you see it in the news," she said."I don’t think you really take a second look at it unless it directly impacts you, which is sad because it’s hard to get people to listen and understand unless it’s something that they've already been affected by."Cohan added, "It doesn’t seem like something that actually happens in the world, but it did.It’s really scary."Much like the friends of Annese, those closest to Alyssa Taft said that her relationship with Knight-Hollis lacked known signs of abuse.Knight-Hollis, who was no longer in a relationship with Taft at the time of her death, allegedly stabbed her in his mobile home after she rejected his attempts to rekindle their relationship.Knight-Hollis is currently held without bail in Wayne County jail, and awaiting his trial date.Bonfiglio, Vice President of SUNY Geneseo and Denise A.


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