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The largest versions can launch two satellites, mounted in the SPELDA (Structure Porteuse Externe pour Lancements Doubles Ariane) adapter.Such later versions are often seen with strap-on boosters.By January 2006, 169 Ariane flights had boosted 290 satellites, successfully placing 271 of them on orbit (223 main passengers and 48 auxiliary passengers) for a total mass of 575,000 kg successfully delivered on orbit.

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Flyable models of the Ariane 4 and 5 are available as kits from Noris Raketen in Germany and Apogee Rockets.

In 1987 Lambert Shelter built a 5.40 metre long flyable model of the Ariane, now displayed at the Hermann Oberth Space Travel Museum in Feucht.

This simplifies the stack, along with the use of a single core engine (Vulcain).

Because the core cannot lift its own weight, two solid-fuel boosters are strapped to the sides.

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The boosters can be recovered for examination, but are not reused.

The upper stage is storable and restartable, powered by a single Aestus engine.

France first proposed the Ariane project and it was officially agreed upon at the end of 1973 after discussions between France, Germany and the UK.


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  2. You are the adult in the relationship with your son. They are allowed to date people that have students in their school system. I am not saying I am letting my son dictate who I date, cause he didnt even know in most cases that it happened.

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