Drupal feed aggregator not updating carbon dating flaw

Here is another possible solution to extend the time alloted to running a job triggered by cron, a cron job: To quote: The number at the end is the number of seconds a program can run before timing out.

Drupal 7.18, I use Feeds and Feed News modules that creates nodes from imported feed items.

Database has grown too large, and I want to completely remove feed items, older than 4 weeks.

With your block configured, you might experience a problem like we did. After a bit of investigation we discovered our rookie mistake and another overlooked topic. The second snafu was back on the feed aggregator page. We had created a feed but it was still an empty virgin feed. We could have waited an hour when Drupal would have automatically retrieved and populate it.

Instead of waiting, we can click the update items link, and this will force your site to populate the aggregator.

I checked this option and set new node quantity to zero.

So Devel Generate module deleted all nodes (Feed items) but create no new ones.

Was looking for this myself and am just going to create a view that collects all the nids of articles older than 1 month and pass them to node_delete_multiple($nids) and put it in the hook_cron() of my custom module so it will run with cron.

I cannot get RSS feed to show on Drupal 7.14 page, feed does not show any items.

I have several feeds setup in the Feed Aggregator ( admin/config/services/aggregator ) in Drupal 7.


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