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Then they reach middle age and wonder what happened to their life.

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As for friendship before romance in a partnership, no, I don't think I want to be friends 'first'.

I want the friendship to develop along with the love relationship.

Friends I have plenty of, and I ask different things of them than I would of a partner.

Exactly, and people don't always have a choice in regards to what experiences will change them, nor do they know how they'll change.

Men sometimes look for a younger woman at that time to make them feel young. I guess that is the reason 50% of all marriages end in divorce.

It doesn't work the way they want, but they try anyway. JMO There is so much more to growing then then just then outside.

In real life partners cheat out of desperation, in real life people don't always know how to communicate, or know they have other options that would be less damaging in the aftermath of consequences. In the real world, ideals don't work always like they do inside the heads of armchair keyboard warriors.

When you've lived in the "real" world and seen how complex the details are, you realize that while people make mistakes, they are generally all trying [the majority anyway] to do what they believe is right and best overall -- people don't "usually" choose the "wrong" choice knowing it's wrong -- that isn't how human beings work, but it does happen [sometimes]The wrong usually think they are right, and the right usually think they're right and end up being wrong -- because ultimately it's not about right or wrong, it's about being aware of choices, and no matter what anyone says -- ignorance will always ring true, because human beings can't predict all variables of their lives or relationships.

If you've never been married or in a serious long term relationship [especially involing engagement] -- which fell apart it's difficult to comprehend or appreciate the complexity.

It's hard for someone who hasn't "been there/done that] to apply "what is" with the creative idealistic concepts you rationalize in your head.

Our wants in life are not always compatible with our mate, and some of the things we want, we feel are inherent passions we are compelled to pursue.

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