Radgrid needdatasource not updating Naughty chat room no sign up

Rad Grid fires the Need Data Source event each time it needs to be bound to a data source.

If, at the time of the event, the Data Source property is not set to a valid data source object, the grid will not behave correctly.

protected void Rad Grid1_Need Data Source(object sender, Grid Need Data Source Event Args e) protected void Rad Grid1_Item Data Bound(object sender, Grid Item Event Args e) protected void Button1_Click(object sender, Event Args e) Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Event Args) 'Stopwatch sw = Stopwatch.

Radgrid needdatasource not updating Free sex chat words

This is working fine for the first page of the parent grid, and only the parent's Need Data Source is fired. Grid Command Event Args e) public void Match Button_Click(object sender, Event Args e) You should never call . Data Bind() in a Need Data Source event; I'd guess that's causing at least some of your problems.

Also, the child nested grid's Need Data Source is correctly only firing upon expanding a row. Grid Need Data Source Event Args e) protected void Un Matched Client DBCustomers_Telerik Rad Grid1_Item Command(object sender, Telerik.

When you create the structure using the designer (in Visual Studio) there is less of a chance that mistakes will be made.

The more difficult and error-prone task is creating the structure programmatically.

When I am trying to implement that in radgrid I am getting too many errors.

What i want is once i edit the radgrid, i just want to catch the text in the textbox after i edited it. the above functionality i did in gridview as follows.

Page hey i have do this code protected void rg Product Name_Need Data Source(object source, Grid Need Data Source Event Args e) protected void rg Product Name_Update Command(object source, Telerik.

I'm using a nested Telerik Rad Grid, which should only be populated when a particular row in the parent Rad Grid is expanded.

Since Rad Grid saves all of its structure properties (Detail Tables, Columns, etc.) into the View State, building a Rad Griddynamically is a task very similar to creating and adding controls dynamically to a web page.

See following two scenarios offer possible approaches to dynamically create a Rad Grid that ensure that Rad Grid will behave normally. Detail Table Data Bind = new Grid Detail Table Data Bind Event Handler(this.

Therefore quite naturally the Need Data Source event will not get fired when you rebind the grid.


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