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It is easy to teach something like this when it doesn’t hit home and affect your family. Mahaney, Calvinism, Courtship, dating, Dave Hunt, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Josh Harris, joshua harris, Reformed, Robin Phillips, Sovereign Grace, Sovereign Grace Ministries Posted in Calvinism, Courtship, dating, marriage, Reformed, Sovereign Grace | 8 Comments » Is courtship’s true motivation a way of extending parents “protection” of their children beyond what home schooling has done for them? It can be downloaded at the following link: The Way of a Man with a Maid: A Response to the Courtship & Betrothal Movements Robin Phillips makes some very good points and comments about the courtship and betrothal movements.

It is much easier to say you believe this while pointing to crowd of strangers and not your own family. I would strong recommend someone with an interest courtship or “kissing dating goodby” download and read this document.

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This is an extension of the group approach and goes even further.

With this approach an interested young man must first approach the young woman’s father and gain his approval to court or “woo” as they like to say his daughter.

two single people of the opposite sex going out on “dates.” Dating might not have literally been forbidden but it might as well have been.

Only after having done a lot of thing in group situations and in that context gotten to know each other was a couple allowed to pursue a relationship and do things one on one.

Thus this teaching promotes what some say is an extreme view of God’s Sovereignty.

A summary of Sovereign Grace’s teaching is summarized in one message on their web site: Now here is where I see a contradiction.

I guess I shouldn’t feel slighted that he also hasn’t answered my emails. 64 And Rebekah lifted up her eyes, and when she saw Isaac she dismounted from the camel.

65 And she said to the servant, “Who is that man walking in the field to meet us?

To me the having to get the father’s permission to “woo” his daughter before you can spend time to get to know her to see if she is a good match is like putting the cart before the horse. Sovereign Grace Ministries, the church association (some would say denomination) that Joshua Harris author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye is a senior pastor in teaches the Calvinistic belief.

Harris’s group uses the title “Reformed” and not “Calvinism” though most say they are synonymous.

If anything I would call myself a “Calminian.” Tim Lahaye is quoted as saying that Calvinism is “perilously close to “blasphemy.” I would agree with Tim Lahaye. If nothing else, reading this book helps you see a motivation behind what is being promoted.


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