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This is the fifteen-story Grafton Court in Manchester's Trafford area, still in use to this day.

See more » My mother was Scottish and my dad was British, so I was raised on watching Coronation Street. She wasn't to fussy at the beginning but after watching now, it would be instant death if I didn't get her up at 8 a.m. Our next trip to England we hope maybe for a tour of the set.

The Corrie beauty, 25, who will make her skating debut tonight, admitted she will be putting “it all out there” when she finally takes to the rink.

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During a recent holiday to Malaysia, Faye said to her boyfriend: "Can’t wait to get lost with you @gareth_gates." Gareth has also proudly boasted about his girlfriend in the past, especially when she won her first National television Award in 2017.

The singer was literally beaming with pride at his girlfriend's success on the night, tweeting after the event: "My baby did it… “I couldn't be more proud of my beautiful angel @Faye_Brookes.” Faye joined the popular ITV soap in October 2015 as Corrie's Kate Connor, the daughter of Johnny, sister of Aidan, played by Shayne Ward, and half-sister of Carla Connor.

An hourly prime time version of the daytime television show of the same name.

Four strangers - amateur chefs - compete to host the best dinner party. See full summary » The first color title sequence, used between November 1969 and June 1975, opens with a shot of a modern tower block, to emphasize the changing times.

"You don't need to because social media is the place where everybody makes everybody makes out everything is so perfect." After detailing people's dependence on airbrushing tools and filters, Brooke revealed: "Instead of changing ourselves we change the picture."So that's exactly what I've done.

I've changed the picture, to a healthier, more toned better version of myself."Revealing the lifestyle adjustments she has made, Vincent added: "This is my 12-week transformation.They share a flat in London and Manchester, and it's clear how loved up they are.Speaking to the Mirror in 2015, she said: “Gareth is so proud of me. "He is so supportive and wants me to be the best version of who I am.Brooke, who is paired with pro skater Matej Silecky, revealed: “The team asked me what I’m happy to wear but there’s nothing I won’t wear really.“I’ve never said to them about a costume, ‘Oh my God, I hate it’.Posting two side-by-side pictures of herself, the 25-year-old posed in a skintight sports bra and yoga pants.

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