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Ms Furbert and her fellow junior ministers are all relative newcomers to the political scene and ran as candidates in the General Election last month.Ms Caesar will take on the junior portfolios of tourism, home affairs and economic development, while Mr Campbell will take finance, public works and government reform.

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The Progressive Labour Party defeated the One Bermuda Alliance by 24-12 seats and will form the new Government. Official voters count at July 18 Bermuda General Election, see https://bm/elections/results/electionss.html? Less than 18 months after it was formed in 2011 as a merger between the United Bermuda Party (UBP) and the Bermuda Democratic Alliance (BDA), the OBA is now the Government.

The Progressive Labour Party, in power since 1998, were defeated 17-19 seats by the relatively new political party the One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) which was contesting its first General Election.

Mr Hayward will serve in education, workforce development, national security, social development and sports.

Ms Caesar, Mr Campbell and Mr Hayward were all appointed to the Senate last month, having challenged in seats traditionally held by the One Bermuda Alliance.

Mr Weeks said he also aimed to help with financial assistance reform but said he wanted to meet the permanent secretary at the ministry and others before he made any further statements.

He added: As the Premier said, I come with a list of accomplishments that I have done in that ministry.Mr De Silva, who became the Minister of Social Development and Sport in July last year, quit his post last month because of a conflict over changes to fees for MRI and CT medical scans.He earlier stood by Ewart Brown, a former PLP premier, at a press conference in which Dr Brown blamed government fee cuts for the closure of the CT scan service at his Brown-Darrell Clinic in Smiths.I know they will diligently handle all matters put before them in the House of Assembly and they will continue to work in accordance with the guiding principles of fairness and justice.2017. A new portfolio will address Bermudas ageing and increasingly chronically diseased population, the new Junior Minister for Disability Tine Furbert said yesterday.Ms Furbert was speaking after Senators Crystal Caesar, Vance Campbell and Jason Hayward were appointed junior ministers alongside her at a ceremony at Government House.We must understand their needs and address them in a manner that will support this populations development.

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